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Lake Malawi is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa, and for good reason. Travelers on a holiday in Malawi or an overland trip can explore the lake's calm blue-green waters for a range of water sports, discover its depth for swimming, snorkeling and diving, enjoy magnificent bird watching, buy a wood carving or two, or lounge in a hammock on the lake's shores.

There are many great things to do, but there are also many fantastic hotels, restaurants, shops, hotels and restaurants in Malawi. I have already put together a travel plan for 2019 and will accompany at least one of my tours to Malawi and I look forward to returning there. The way I put it together, I love backpacking in Malawi - there's not only a lot of bigger things to do, but a lot more.

I used the rough Zambia - Malawi route as the base for this trip, but I played around to add some of the more challenging and challenging routes like Zomba Lake, Mulanje Lake and the mountains. I used a route of highlights in southern Malawia as a starting point for a trip from Mulansje to Zombe Lake. Please contact me if you would like to add several day expeditions to the mountain or add your own routes from the southern or northern part of Malawi.

There are many other places in Malawi to visit, and this route is not complete, but it is a guide. I recommend a route of wilderness retreats in northern Malawi if you are planning a conservation trip with a focus on Malawi. Read more about some of the Malawa destinations and adventure activities featured or simply browse through my Malawsia Tours.

Malawi Overland Tours often take you to one of the beaches for a few days, and horse riding is organized. Most travelers are connected to Malawi National Park, which is accessible by public transport. From the southern tip of Lake Malawi, you can take a cruise to the south to visit the hidden bays and islands.

If you are travelling long distances and do not want to leave or enter Malawi via Zambia, you can travel overland or by train. You only have to cross the northern part of the country and then travel overland from Lilongwe to Zambia or overland from Mozambique or Zimbabwe. Or you can simply make a southern part of this country, travel by train to Tanzania, then over land from Tanzania and then over countries from Zimbabwe to Malawi. You can also travel in two different ways: either by car or by boat, either by land from Zambia or by sea.

If you want to experience the warm heart of Africa, check out our Malawi tours or contact us for a tailor-made trip. If you only want to visit Malavia and see a lot, this is the best route for you.

Everything you need to know to travel safely while you're in Malawi, from visa to transportation, that's it. This is the right way to go - as a travel guide to get all the important Malawian travel tips from Go2Africa on the go. Our Malawi travel guide contains everything from getting to Lake Malawa to the best hotels and restaurants in the country and more.

Lake Malawi is a paradise for nature lovers and boaters and is home to many species of fish that are not found anywhere else in the world. Explore Africa with Go2Africa, one of Africa's most beautiful lakes and home to many species of fish that are found nowhere else in the world, and a great place to explore.

Lake Malawi is home to a wide range of activities, from fishing, boating, swimming, fishing and kayaking, to name a few. Many of our overland tours and safaris take the opportunity to swim, relax on the lake, enjoy fresh seafood or venture out on a tour. The busiest months for tourism in Lilongwe Malawi are August followed by July and May, but the best time to visit Malawi is October and November for safaris. Prices for hotels and flights are the most expensive, but you can save by buying well in advance.

Western standard hotels can be found in Lilongwe, Malawi's capital, as well as other parts of the country, such as KwaZulu-Natal and Mombasa.

The must-do is the Malawi Shore Tour, which means a beach holiday at nearby Lake Malawi, followed by a visit to the country's capital, Lilongwe, and a trip to Mombasa. The lake offers great diving opportunities, so you can visit it on pretty much any Malawa or Zambia route. Overland tours and groups travelling to Malawi will certainly stop at the lake and enjoy great views of the city and its surroundings and the beautiful landscape. I suggest you leave early in the morning to make the most of your time for research and development (check out our route here for inspiration).

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More About Lilongwe