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If you are a big fan of thriving crafts or just love farmers markets, Malawi offers unlimited market options. In addition to the markets Kampepuza, Lizulu, Mbayani and Limbe Market, there are also fantastic second-hand clothing shops, known as Bendova in the local Pidgin language. The capital also has art and crafts markets, which offer many curiosities and African clothing. We have farmers markets selling fresh fruit, legumes and vegetables, and we also have many craft and crafts markets in the city, such as the Arts and Crafts Market and the Arts and Crafts Market.

If you can go all the way, the local chilli called Kambuzi is the best side, and if you are in the deeper southern districts, we can try the protein-rich African termites, which are delicious. Almost every district of Malawi also has mobile metal stoves, which are usually the preferred alternative to chips and chicken for Malawians. Try our delicious tilapia fish, which is probably one of the best fish your palate has ever seen. It is prepared with meat, fish and vegetables and served with a variety of spices such as garlic, ginger, cumin, chilli, coriander, peppers and ginger.

If you are in urgent need of a particular drink to help you, you should definitely order a wine, beer or soda from South Africa. Foodworth has a light cola and great peppermint and liquorice teas that you won't find anywhere else.

The old town is also good if you are looking for quality souvenirs, but at the end of the day it's all about you. To prepare for the trip to Malawi, I bought a few Grandys to prepare myself, as certain clothes, groceries and household goods are very expensive and not available in Malwana. Sometime in my first year, I flew back to the US and then I had no supplies to give myself and no time to buy some things to send back.

As a food lover, you never find everything on this list, so I usually only drive to Kapani supermarket, which is located on the M1, which leads from the city to the airport. I also went to Shoprite at the other end of the mall, but it's more of a target as it carries household items like plates and cutlery and has a toy and holiday department. We also went shopping in some other shops, such as the KAPANI supermarket, which is located on the M1, from the airport into the city. Although they have a small grocery store, which is well stocked, they are also a specialty butcher shop, with imported products that are not found anywhere else and that are only available in Malwana for a limited time.

Other local tenants include a café, grocery store and café, as well as a bakery, coffee shop and other local shops.

Huntingdon House, built in 1874, is located in the middle of Satemwa Tea Estates and offers a unique experience that cannot be recreated. There are local - handmade ornaments and furniture as well as their unique decoration. You can also visit a number of local shops and restaurants, such as a café, café and café-shop. A popular place for volunteers is the Malawi National Museum of Natural History and History, a museum with a large collection of rare books and artifacts.

There is also the once-a-month Lilongwe Farmer's Market, held on the last Saturday of the month, which offers enterprising Malawians and expats the opportunity to sell their wares. There are also people who sell grain and poultry feed, and there are certainly articles made from local Chitenje fabric. It is recommended to eat chambo, a local rice called kilombero, an aromatic rice grown only in this part of the world. Popular street food includes deep-fried sweet doughnuts, grilled meat and fish, and a variety of vegetables and fruits.

This is a great opportunity to delve into and enrich the Malawi experience in a great way, volunteering your skills and time, or watching tea from afar and waking up as a tea sommelier. Give your time voluntarily for the growth of this amazing country and make your visit not only adventurous but also effective.

If you are travelling in a group, you can also try to support the various Uwawuke bike tours that are taking place in the major cities. The transport system is a bicycle taxi (Kabaza) that serves most cities, as well as buses, taxis and buses to and from the airport.

This local transportation method offers the most authentic experience in Malawi that cannot be replicated elsewhere, and offers the best of both worlds in terms of food and entertainment.

With nine national parks and wilderness areas, Malawi offers intensive and exclusive wildlife viewing in an unspoilt area with real wilderness. The lake also attracts many animal species, such as the famous Thyolo and Alethe, both endemic to Malawi. The Nkhotakota Game Reserve in the Central Region is also a great destination, with several species of antelope, buffalo and leopard. Other important parks in Malawi are Lengwe, where the largest population of spiral antelopes (also called Nyala) lives in Africa.

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More About Lilongwe