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Malawi is inland and surrounded by Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia. However, it has nine national parks and wildlife reserves and offers intensive and exclusive wildlife viewing in pristine areas of genuine wilderness. The Internet plays little role in agriculture and Malawi, with a population of just over 1.5 million, has poorly maintained dirt roads and few well-maintained single-lane roads. Hotels, transport and restaurants are very expensive, but you will be the only ones using them. Sometimes, however, the interest can be simply too great and it is difficult to move or walk without descending into the full society, usually with the best of intentions, as we have been led to believe. The roads are in good condition, although four-wheel drive is a good idea when you are on the road, even if the gravel road is rather poorly maintained.

If you don't want to sit down or even enter a restaurant, you can take advantage of the fast modern drive - through, but also try the delicious tilapia fish, which is probably the best fish his palate has ever seen. Usipa isbe, a fish caught from a lake that resembles sardines, while mpasa is a similar salmon, and both are delicious too. There are not many places in Malawi where there are sub, though you should try it; it's delicious and not too expensive. You can also visit one of the many restaurants in Lilongwe, some of which are just a few minutes drive from our downtown hotel.

Chambo is a local Malawian curry spice blend, fried for extra flavour and served with a delicious sauce and pies from Nsima. If you can go all the way, the local chilli called Kambuzi is the best side, and if you're in the deeper southern districts, you can try the protein-rich African termites, which are delicious. It is made from a combination of local and foreign spices such as turmeric, garlic, ginger, cumin, chilli, coriander, paprika and cayenne and is served with meat, fish or vegetables.

The Nkhotakota Game Reserve in the Central Region is also a great destination, offering several species of antelope, buffalo and leopard. The other important park in Malawi is Lengwe, home to the world's largest population of spiral antelopes, also known as Nyala.

Lake Malawi (formerly Lake Nyasa) is an important source of fish, including the famous Thyolo Alethe, the largest and most abundant freshwater fish in the world. The lake also attracts a number of other fish species, such as the infamous Nyala, native to Malawi and famous for its thyolos, or the Alethe, native to Africa.

This fish is often caught in Lake Malawi and cooked and fried over a fire and served as a staple for breakfast, lunch and dinner or as a nsima. As you can see on the photos, these pies are served with freshly caught achamboa, a fish that is widely spread and cooked on fire, and freshly cooked thyolo aletha.

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Non-essential facilities, including restaurants and bars, will be closed at 10pm so staff and guests can go home before the curfew is imposed. Non-starving colonists and prisoners are labeled for eating better and easier meals than those recruited in Texas.

If you own a fast food restaurant and you think you should have a restaurant on this list, please contact us and let us know. If you love chicken and chips, you will love the chicken country, especially in Lilongwe, which is a really good place. What I love most about KFC, which is in the so-called City Mall area, is that it has added a location to the list of restaurants in the city, not just in Malawi, but across Africa.

The local transportation offers the most authentic experience in Malawi that cannot be replicated elsewhere. Although there is nothing else going on in the country, Malawian provides a connection to nature.

The main source of aid is to meet the target of 2 million clean herds by 2020. We are also working continuously on this project and have partnered with the Malawi Food Bank, the World Food Programme and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation. This is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the "Malawi experience" in a great way.

Some of the most important events we participate in in Malawi are the annual "Lake Naming Ceremony" in the capital Lilongwe and the Malawian National Park. For more information about the Food Bank and other events in the city, please visit the Malawi Food Bank website.

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More About Lilongwe