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If you want to sell your house or property and are looking for a house or apartment for sale or rent. I found this short-term apartment house room posted on Domain by a landlord from Lillilongwe, with great views of the surrounding suburbs and city centre. There are two bedrooms, one bedroom in the front and a third bedroom upstairs, which is in front of it.

It has one bedroom and a bathroom and is equipped with kitchen, living room, dining room and a bedroom with private bathroom. It is available for guests for a minimum stay of 7 days, but is also available as a short-term apartment house room for guest stays.

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Lilongwe is of little interest to most travelers, but most visitors to Malawi will cross it at least once, and most international offices, including the U.S. Embassy, are located in the city, not an unpleasant place to stay overnight.

However, office construction is scarce in Blantyre and development of new prime property in the city has stagnated. There is a lack of affordable housing and financing, which has led to a huge shortage of housing units in urban areas. The development that is taking place is mainly for owners - occupancy and most of the current residential developments are for commercial purposes, such as office buildings, hotels and restaurants. However, some of these residential properties have been seen as offices because they are much cheaper and more convenient to build.

Land laws also limit the maximum lease period and prohibit the creation of new land with ownership rights. The rental market is uncontrolled in the country and you can charge much more than what is left on the open market. Blantyre and other urban areas have a shortage of affordable housing, but other parts of Malawi do not.

Finally, the real estate market also consists of undeveloped land that can be surveyed or delimited. Most industrial and other warehouses are occupied by owners, but rental records are scarce, even for warehouses that are quite lively in the market. Great caution is required when dealing with land located in an urban area, even if it is a leasehold or freehold property. Land ownership is subject to government decay, as the government is now legally empowered to repossess that land for other purposes such as building roads, schools, hospitals, roadsides, etc.

The office rental market has improved in the last twelve months, with rents ranging from 600 m2 to 1,500 m2 per month. On the other hand, shops rent much higher rents per week, ranging from about K5,000 m1 / month for an office space of K2,200 m3 in Blantyre to over K3,800 m4 in Lilongwe, with very high rents for a month, ranging up to about K4,400 m4. M5 / week for K7,300 - K8.100 m6 in Lusaka and K6.900 - 7,600m2 in Mombasa. It has been observed that the average rent for a one-room office in Malawi's capital is K150,000 per month, while the same property in Kombi can cost between K300,00 and P80 0000 per year, while in Blanteya it is 150,001 KKM per month and in Dar es Salaam 200,700 KKKM per month or K100,250 KKM per day.

Based on the median price of $738, there is a one bedroom office in Lilongwe with a monthly rent of K100,000 K90.00 per month for a two bedroom apartment.

A high density house would cost 300,000 k300,000 per m2 and a medium density house would cost 200,000 k200,000 per M2 for a two bedroom house. This would mean that the average monthly rent of a one bedroom apartment in Lilongwe for an average house of 2,500 square meters would have been K36, thousand $000.00. A medium density house with a median price of K100.00 per month for the same area would have been about K30,000 K90.

This would have caused a million deficits and shown that the 3% yield is indeed very low and well below the returns that exist in some countries. However, Malawi has the potential to increase its GDP if it can increase exports of services and develop its services sector.

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More About Lilongwe