Lilongwe Malawi Intercontinental Hotel

Malawi's landscape is beautiful and one of the advantages of being a driver is that you can stop for photos wherever you want. We visited some of the most important sights of Lylon during our South Africa tour, where we visited 13 new countries. Many details are published on our website, such as Malawi National Park, Lilongwes Lake and the capital Blantyre.

Note: Cape Maclear requires that you do not have too much luggage, so you should only be 30 Zambia for the day.

Note: You can take a bus from Lylon to Salima or hire a driver to take you to Monkey Bay on Lake Malawi the next day. Note: Please note that the driver will take you back to your place of residence to cancel your trip. If you choose to drive, you will be charged $75 for the first day and $50 for every day after that. Note: I read that a one-time tourist visa costs $50, but I have yet to find out for myself.

Unfortunately it was too late to visit the park, but it is interesting to walk around a little and see the animals that are housed in it. After studying the monuments, a guard came by to see if one wanted to visit the top of the tower.

As we approached the marble and columns, we found it abandoned, except for two women playing an African board game. When we went up the stairs and stepped in, our guide explained that the tomb we saw was one of the real graves that cannot be visited.

The day ended in Sunbird Capital, where we met the hotel manager who gave us an insider tour of our property. The return bus from Chipata to Lusaka left one hour late, so we called Arvant to pick us up. This time we left the bus east of Chipata and had time to catch a bus to the border with Zambia to get 120,000 Malawi (165 USD).

We went to our hotel, from where we had a great view of Lusaka and a good view of the Malawi skyline from the top of the hill.

Our first stop was Lilongwe, the capital of Lusaka and the second largest city in the country. The city, which sits on the Lilongwe River, was founded in 1884 by the founder of the Malawi National University of Science and Technology (MSU).

Today, it serves as a major transportation hub and is home to the Malawi National University of Science and Technology (MSU). This is the cornerstone on which the country was literally built, and the smaller pillars that surround it represent the State of Malawi.

The seats on the bus are split, so take a seat on one side of the bus for more comfort or on the other side for a more comfortable and comfortable ride.

More About Lilongwe

More About Lilongwe