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Hilton, a globally recognized middle-class hotel brand, is celebrating strong growth in Africa by opening its first hotel in Uganda in 2016. The development comes as the hotel chain, which is run by Hilton Worldwide, one of the world's largest hotel chains, plans to open the first of its new hotels in Kenya in the coming months. The building will include a conference and will also include a hotel bar, restaurant, fitness centre, spa and retail space. Hilton, a global hotel brand, has entered the Ugandan market to boost the country's fast-growing hotel industry.

It must also include a hotel bar, restaurant, fitness centre, spa and retail area, as well as a conference centre and staff offices.

Don't forget to try the freshly brewed Malawi tea from Lilongwe Tea Company while you're here. Come and learn more about cost-effective and practical solutions that contribute to more sustainable food production.

After our service at the clinic is over, the team will have the opportunity to travel to Seychelles and visit the island of Mahe for a relaxing experience. After our visit you can meet up with us again for another relaxing adventure with our team and friends from the Lilongwe Tea Company. Please contact the team if you have any questions, call us at: 858 - 485 - 9694, email: info @, or send an email to projectCompassion @ org.

Stay just 8 km from the city centre and visit the nearby Kumbali Cultural Village to experience life in a traditional Malawian village, including traditional music, dancing, cooking, dancing and traditional food and drink. Designed in an African style, it combines the best of Malawi's cultural heritage, traditional arts and crafts and offers peace and quiet in the heart of Lilongwe, just minutes from the city.

The thatched chalet is divided into two rooms with private entrance, and each room is accessible from the other side by a neighbor. The 16 rooms are divided between 14 Executive and 2 Deluxe, the difference being between them, but we assume that the Deluxe is slightly larger as it offers a slight premium. Our Deluxe room was equipped with a fridge and If your room has one again, assume you stay there for three nights. In the photo above there is actually no door on the side, but only a small window in front of the door.

Breakfast includes fresh pastries and yoghurt from the farm, as well as a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. For early risers, a tea and coffee maker is available, which serves a cup of coffee on the veranda before breakfast. The sample menu might have a feast, but we ordered a cooked breakfast and included a main course served with a side of rice, a salad and a few small side dishes such as rice and beans.

This is the first time I have met the family who runs the shop and I was very impressed by the quality of the food, the service and the cleanliness of everything.

First of all, Guy and Maureen Pickering have a great story: they are originally from South Africa, emigrated to Malawi and found themselves looking for a new farm in 1998. They made a successful bid for Capital Hill Dairy but found that the tobacco and dairy industries were not making ends meet. It was a sad affair, but there was enough bandwidth to travel around, so they opened a home as a B & B to supplement their income.

The bathroom is large and well designed, and the cool tile floor is welcome, but the ceiling fan suggests air conditioning for travelers. The water pressure in the shower is excellent, the large shower cabin is well designed for the resulting leaks. It's a pleasure to have a shower with air conditioning that I've always Googled for, so I'm always grateful for that. Not only is the bathroom cramped, it is also a little too small for my needs, with a large sink and a small sink.

The forest area provides a natural habitat for a bird species that is very rare elsewhere in Malawi. I loved Kumbali Country Lodge, and I'm sure you will too ; it appeared on my list of favorite hotels I grew up in when I was growing up, so I'm glad I did.

I have walked a few times and can vouch for the beauty of the surrounding landscape. If you are looking for simple and comfortable accommodation in Lilongwe, you will do well to follow Madonna's example and stay here. The capital is easily accessible, which is a great combination of fine beings to start and finish your journey to the warm heart of Africa. Living in a deep rural Malawi, I feel like I'm in one of my favourite places in Africa, right next to a beautiful lake.

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More About Lilongwe