Lilongwe Malawi Accor Hotel

Sunbird Capital Hotel is the only hotel chain in Malawi founded by Sunbird Tourism Limited in 1988. Especially at the weekend, the restaurant is well attended when tourists and locals drop by for a cosy brunch. My favourite meal nowadays is the Mimosa restaurant, which has outdoor seating, a pool and a garden.

If you are looking for a drink and a snack, the cocktail bar is located next to Tidye Restaurant. A more informal option is the Sports Bar, where guests and locals can watch their favorite sports teams while meeting old friends.

Its central location in the Sunbird Capital also makes it a perfect place for a day trip to one of Africa's most popular tourist destinations. The hotel is happy to help you explore the natural beauty and wildlife of the region and travel to other parts of Malawi.

There is an outdoor swimming pool popular with sunbathers, and there is a full-service bar and restaurant with free wireless Internet access. The hotel also has tennis courts and squash courts, which can be reserved at any time of day. A number of private rooms and suites are available for private use and the standard equipment of these rooms ensures that events can take place without interruption.

There are a number of seminar and meeting rooms on the first and second floors that can accommodate up to 700 participants. The hotel rooms range from the upgraded executive floor rooms, including executive suites and four presidential suites, to private suites and suites with private balconies and private dining rooms.

More About Lilongwe

More About Lilongwe