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Whether you are planning to visit Lilongwe with your family or alone, you will find exciting places for every occasion. Travelling alone is always a great experience when you meet people from all walks of life.

Indeed, I met people who work for the World Bank and those who dedicate their time to helping disadvantaged people in Malawi. An international NGO called MSF-B, which supports the district in HIV / AIDS management, made me work at Thyolo District Hospital.

I was surprised to learn that the then national director of the largest organisation was a nurse. The Mzuzu Central Hospital had no nurses, but I had to work with them because they were understaffed.

Indeed, not long ago, there was a health commissioner with a nursing background in at least five districts. Likewise, the then national director of the local government health department in Mzuzu was an accomplished nurse - with the difference that she was a midwife. There were only a handful of nurses and midwives on the ground with nursing backgrounds, and none of them were qualified.

It is indisputable that nursing is perhaps the most underrated profession in the country. This is because it is the largest occupational group in the health sector and accounts for around 59 percent of all health professions. The State of Care in the World 2020 report recognises that "care constitutes a significant part of the overall health sector and makes an important contribution to the growth of health services in many countries around the world."

Conscious political decisions must therefore be taken to maximise the impact of nurses by placing them in critical leadership positions. The State of the World Health Care Report calls on governments around the world and relevant stakeholders to strengthen the leadership role of nursing to ensure that nurses have the ability to positively impact on the quality of life of their patients. I feel bad when I see good - experienced nurses with the necessary qualifications are denied leadership positions because they are nurses.

None of this is to say that COVID-19 should not be taken seriously or that measures to prevent the entry of infected people should be abandoned. This does not mean that other measures such as containing the virus, stopping its spread and quarantining those infected are not important.

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More About Lilongwe