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If you've ever been on a road trip to Malawi or are ever going to, we've put together a list of things you need to know. Our "Malawi Travel Guide" contains everything you need to visit Lake Malawi, the best hotels and restaurants in the country and much more. Learn what to do in Malwana while spending three months in Lilongwe, the capital and second largest city in South Africa with a population of 1.5 million.

What to do in Malawi Africa: The best hotels, restaurants, hotels and restaurants in Lilongwe, Malawi, South Africa and more.

The highest mountain in Central Africa is Mulanje Mountain, which is located at an altitude of 1,843 m above sea level. Don't forget to add the best places in Lilongwe, Malawi, South Africa and more to our list of the best hotels, restaurants, hotels and restaurants in the country.

Malawi offers chic accommodation in an idyllic location and boasts some of the best restaurants, hotels and hotels in the country, as well as the best beaches in the world. Malawi is partially endowed with the Monkey Bay, which also has the highest mountain in Central Africa, the Mulanje Mountain at 1843 m above sea level.

The average backpacker can travel in a minibus, which is a good choice for backpackers in Malawi. This makes it easy to stick with accommodation for backpackers, as lodges can be quite comfortable for travelling in Malawi compared to many African countries.

Malawi also has a thriving and emerging music scene, and the Malawi Lake Stars Festival, held every year on the shores of Lake Malawi, has made an international name for itself. The Liwonde National Park is another attraction to miss when planning a safari in Malawi. Located near the border with Zambia, this national park is popular with all those wishing to explore the unique flora and fauna of Malawi.

The choice of museums in Malawi is modest, given the country's sheer size, but the best cultural options are in the city of Blantyre. The activities around Lake Malawi are varied and include a wide range of activities such as fishing, kayaking, boating, canoeing, swimming and fishing, to name a few. Of all the places to visit around Lake Malawi, there are a number of good lodges as well as a variety of restaurants, hotels and hotels with good food and drinks.

But off the lake, Malawi has some of Africa's least-sung wildlife hotspots, and Expert Africa sums it up quite well in the commentary below. The far north of Malawi is the most beautiful, but its remoteness means that it is not as popular with tourists as the south and west of the country. Malawa has a few safari areas, but none are particularly famous and none are full of elephants or other animals.

Mzuzu is the capital of Malawi and therefore a popular destination for safari tours, especially to the south and west of the country. For travelers who stock up on supplies and take a break in the famous Nyika National Park, the city is also a good place to stop for a few days.

There are many interesting cities throughout Malawi, from Mzuzu, which is expanding rapidly, to the centrally located cities of Salima and Blantyre. The reliable transport system makes the city the largest commercial centre in Malawi, and Blantsyre is easier to reach, but it is also one of the most expensive places in Malawi.

Forget the fantastic views of the reserve and Lake Malawi, the Chipata mountain is not too difficult to climb when you get up. Other attractions in southern Malawi include Mzuzu National Park, Chagwa National Forest and Kigali National Wildlife Reserve.

Tourists who want to spend a well-deserved holiday alongside Malawi should take this list of good things to do in Lilongwe as a guide. Read more about our Malawian destinations and adventure activities or browse through our Malawi Overland Tours. We have chosen the rough Zambia - Malawa route as the starting point for this trip, but we recommend you leave before you really make the most of your research and development time (inspiration can be found on the route here). You can add Lake Malawi to pretty much any route from Malawi to Zambia, or explore some of the more popular destinations such as Kigali National Wildlife Reserve, Mzuzu National Park, Chagwa National Forest and Chipata Mountain.

One of the other things we recommend in Nkhata Bay is to visit the local diving school Aqua Africa to learn how to dive in Malawi. During a Malawian holiday in Zomba, you should definitely visit the Rifles Hole or the Chingwe Hole, which is a bottomless barrel on the Zombsa Plateau.

Central Malawi has five national parks and wildlife reserves, including Lilongwe National Park, Malawian National Wildlife Reserve and Zomba National Forest. You can visit the lilongWE Wildlife Center, visit tobacco auctions, visit cultural centers that always have local art performances, and visit the Lilongwa Wildlife Center. Tourists looking for the ultimate African experience may also travel to the surrounding countries of Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia, where the enchanting Lusaka National Park and its wildlife reserve are just some of the main attractions. For Malawians and adventurers who want to experience the wild nature, there are also horse riding trails in the country's national park, as well as a number of other hiking trails and trails, such as the Kumba Trail, a trail for horse riding and horseback riding. African safari, but Lilongswe is the best place to visit, especially for those interested in conservation and conservation tourism.

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